Bluebell Yarns began with a small idea several years ago and has been steadily growing ever since. It is run by Becca (known as BeccaBadger across various places on the internet) from her home in Dorset, England.

Bluebell Yarns focuses on British, non-superwash yarns, although the occasional exception is made. When this is the case, the yarn will be clearly marked.

Britain has a huge number of sheep breeds, both native and imported. Each of these breeds has wool with its own unique characteristics. Frequently this wool is only available in natural colours, and while these are beautiful, many crafters enjoy working with coloured, hand dyed wool. My aim is to allow everyone to enjoy British sheep breeds while also enjoying hand dyed wool.

I have made the decision to only dye wool that has not been superwash treated. The superwash process is energy intensive, and often destroys the characteristics of wool by either removing its scales or by coating it in a thin layer of plastic. While I do believe that superwash wool has its place, I want to focus on the retaining and working with the natural characteristics of each wool. You can read more about my views on the superwash process soon in an article that I’ve written here.

I don’t only sell my yarn by the skein. At Christmas I create yarn Advent Calendars at a range of prices to suit any budget. These contain yarn and treats to open every day throughout Advent. I also create special themed boxes throughout the year.