The most difficult thing I find about running a business is scheduling. So far I seem to have got that quite wrong, which is why you haven’t seen much yarn from me this year. Before I carry on, I think I should discuss exactly why I find it so hard.

The Problem

If Bluebell Yarns was my only job I’d be turning out yarn left right and centre. It isn’t though. I work in a restaurant, only part time, (which generally means around 24 hours a week). This could be three 8 hour days or six 4 hour days (rarely). I’m lucky that as the restaurant is based in a garden centre we’re usually only open 9-5. The team I work with are wonderful, and it’s conveniently flexible.

I quite often start work at 11.30 or 12, which gives me the morning to do things. A lot of the time I use this to catch up on housework. We have a small house and it gets messy very easily, especially with the amount of both personal and business yarn I own! Nick does help, obviously, but he works full time and has all his own hobbies too so he’s just as busy as I am.

I also build/fix websites occasionally. I don’t get much work for it now (which is fine by me) but when I do it seems to always be at the most awkward moments possible.

On top of all the work stuff, we’re trying to plan our wedding, which we’ve only given ourselves six months to plan. This is going to involve some detailed scheduling to fit in. On top of everything, I thought it’d be a good idea to participate in Sock Madness, a speed sock knitting competition. I won’t go into detail but it basically means I have to drop everything and knit a pair of socks as quickly as possible every couple of weeks.

The Solution

On Tuesday, instead of desperately trying to get some chores done, or randomly dye some yarn, or give up and knit because my to do list was so long it seemed impossible, I made a plan. I started by cleaning my desk, (as I couldn’t actually use it as a desk). I printed some charts and made plans. I won’t bore you with all the new scheduling details of my life, but I made a simple plan for Bluebell Yarns.

Future Bluebell Yarns

  • One blog post a week, every Friday at 7pm: This will alternate between an interesting (hopefully) topic and information on the next yarn update.
  • Regular yarn updates, roughly every two weeks for now depending on demand. Date and time to be announced in the related blog post and on social media.

Hopefully I can keep up the scheduling, rather than relying on my totally haphazard way of doing things currently. Wish me luck!