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10% off Corriedale/Mohair Sock Yarn!

Sale! 10% off all Corriedale/Mohair Sock Yarn

Later this month I’m going to be releasing my new no-nylon 100% Falkland Corriedale High Twist sock yarn. There are a few odd skeins available in the shop at the moment and I’ve used it in the Advent Calendars and Yarn Clubs but I’m yet to release for purchasing as individual skeins. I’ll be doing a full update with lots of fun new colourways. The new yarn takes dyes really wonderfully and I have some fantastic bright new colours which you may have seen me mention on social media.

I don’t plan to discontinue the current no-nylon Corriedale/Mohair sock yarn. It’s a gorgeous, lustrous, strong yarn with lots of uses, not just socks. I have however realised that I only have a few skeins left at the moment and I don’t have any plans to dye more for at least a couple of months. To make room for more of the new yarn I’ve decided to have a 10% off sale for the rest of January. You can see the yarn I have left here.


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