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2022 Yarn Roundup

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I thought it would be quite fun to do a roundup of some of the favourites of 2022. I wanted to do categories such as “most popular colourway” but due to the way statistics are recorded, and the fact I don’t record colourway names for yarn sold in person, that’s somewhat impossible!

Yarn Weight

Unsurprisingly, the favourite yarn weight was 4ply/fingering. The least favourite was Chunky, in fact I barely sold any so I won’t be restocking any chunky weight yarn this year.

Yarn Base

Favourite yarn base was close. Bear in mind out of these, the BFL, Shetland & Alpaca yarns were new this year, and weren’t available for its entirety. It’s interesting to see the difference between what sells well online vs. shows.

The favourite yarn base on the website was BFL 4ply, mainly I think because it was added to the sale section as it wasn’t so popular last year. Next came BFL & Masham 4ply, then a tie between BFL & Masham Aran and BFL, Shetland & Alpaca DK.

The favourite base at shows was Corriedale sock, followed by BFL & Masham 4ply then BFL DK.


Colourways are difficult, as explained before, but the colourway I feel like I’ve dyed most this year is Bluebells at Night. That’s quite impressive considering it was a new colour this year, but I’ve even had custom requests for it, so it’ll be sticking around for a while!


This year was worse than last year in terms of online sales. I had some good shows that made up for it, but the later ones weren’t as successful as the earlier.

I did expect this to happen, but that doesn’t make it any less difficult. I have plans for 2023 which should help improve things again so I remain hopeful.

1 thought on “2022 Yarn Roundup”

  1. I am on the last sleeve of a top down sweater using the Bluebells at Night Aran. Bluefaced Leicester,
    Shetland and Alpaca. It’s beautiful and lovely and soft.

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