Becca & Bluebell Yarns

Bluebell Yarns began in late 2015 when I, Becca, decided to turn my hobby of dyeing wool into a business. My main reasoning was because I found it difficult to find the kind of yarn I wanted to craft with: hand-dyed wool which was also British, non-superwash and contained no synthetic materials.

I began the business from my home in Dorset while also working in catering. In August 2020 I finally decided it was time to take the plunge, and began working on Bluebell Yarns full time. Since then, I’ve quickly realised that I’ve outgrown our small two bedroom house and am currently on the lookout for a space to turn into a workshop.

British wool can fairly easily be found in its natural colours. Lots of dyers create fun, bright colours on superwash treated yarn which sometimes contains nylon or other synthetic materials. My goal with Bluebell Yarns is to bridge this gap and bring fun colours together with the wonderful characteristics of British yarn.

You can read more about why I choose to use the yarn I dye here.