About the Packaging Used at Bluebell Yarns

I’ve mentioned how I choose the yarn I sell and how it’s dyed in the most environmentally friendly way I can, so it makes sense that I extend that care to my packaging.

Yarn Packaging

Unless it is a particularly large order, all yarn will be wrapped in tissue paper which is sealed with paper tape. The tissue paper is not currently made from recycled material but I hope to swap to it when I’ve used up my current stock. If you do not want your yarn to be wrapped in the tissue paper please make a note of this when ordering. I then place it into a paper mailing envelope along with your invoice (unless noted as a gift) and occasionally an advertising flyer if I think you may find it interesting.

Occasionally I will use a recyclable plastic mailing bag when I believe it is necessary although I avoid this as much as possible.

Stitch Marker Packaging

Stitch markers are attached to a card with a bulb pin that can also be used as a marker. This is then placed into a small paper bag and sealed with one of my stickers. For international orders I will then place bubble wrap around the bag. This is recycled from packages which I or people I know have received. I have never needed to purchase any. This is then all placed into a cardboard envelope.

Yarn Box Packaging

For my special yarn boxes I use cardboard boxes, often lined with tissue paper. Occasionally I will also package a large yarn order in a box, and sometimes this box will be reused from something I have received. When yarn is wrapped individually eg. Advent Boxes, I use recyclable paper bags. I am searching for a source of recycled bags to swap to when I run out.


All yarn labels are printed by me on recycled paper. Anything I get professionally printed, such as business cards and information leaflets, are also printed on recycled paper. Invoices and address labels are currently printed on normal office paper but when I run out of that I will swap to recycled paper for that too.