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Adventures in Bristol

You may have noticed I’ve not been around online much during the last couple of weeks. I was house & pet sitting for my parents in Bristol and turned it into a bit of a holiday.

The first week was so hot I didn’t do a great deal apart from keep the pets alive! I did manage a few early morning walks to a place with what I think are the best views over the city, and the landscape to Chew Valley and beyond. It was so clear I could see both of the Severn bridges! It’s Maes Knoll, an Iron Age hill fort to the south of Bristol.

While I was in Bristol I managed to see an old friend and also visit family. I spent a lot of my time knitting, making stitch markers both for the upcoming Southern Wool Show and the marker Advent calendar, and planning. I was meant to go to a wedding in London during the middle weekend but the heat and rail strikes meant that wasn’t possible unfortunately. I did manage to go for a wonderful walk around Chew Valley Lake with my husband, even though it was hot. The water levels were so low you could see an old road from the village that was flooded to create the reservoir.

I returned home on Friday just in time for an orchestra rehearsal. Then, as if I hadn’t done enough pet sitting, we were asked if we could look after Poppy for the weekend. Of course we said yes because she’s the perfect dog, incredibly well behaved, very clever, and incredibly cute.

We took Poppy for a long walk in Wareham Forest. It was a warm day but not too hot, but Poppy obviously decided she was hot at one point as she found a bog and submerged herself and just sat there for a while. She doesn’t usually like water or mud, but she was loving it!

It was really nice to have a bit of a break, and now I’m back I feel much more ready for the next few busy months!

2 thoughts on “Adventures in Bristol”

  1. A beautiful place for a walk with an adorable dog. That must be a before big picture lol. Ali lovely pictures of the views from around your parents house. Glad you had a fun time.
    I have not tried your yarn but look forward to trying it soon as I can make up my mind. Do you ship to the states?

    1. She certainly didn’t look that white by the end of the walk!

      I do indeed ship to the States. If there’s anything I can do to help your decision let me know. I’m happy to take pictures of colour combinations or advise on bases etc.

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