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All About You: March Meet The Maker Day 2

Day 2’s Prompt is “All About You”

I don’t have any good photos of myself taken since last summer, so this one will have to do!

I’m Becca, I run Bluebell Yarns singlehandedly. I live with my husband near Wimborne Minster in Dorset in a house that’s far too small to run a business from! We don’t have any children or pets, although we’d love to get a dog when we find somewhere larger.

I’m originally from Bristol, then lived in Southampton for four years where I did my music degree. Then we moved to Dorset “temporarily” and we’re still here, still in our “temporary” house nearly nine years later.

Is there anything you want to know about me? Do you have any random questions? Ask me in the comments!

Some random facts about me:

A photo of a white woman with chin length dark hair. She's wearing a white shirt with tiny colourful llamas on it. Behind her is some grass and a tree. The photo is lit by bright sunlight.

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