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Big or Small: March Meet The Maker Day 14

March Meet The Maker Day 14: Big or Small

I don’t often make mini-skeins unless they’re for something in particular. They’re small, fiddly and time consuming and it only makes sense to dye fairly large batches at once else they’re not at all cost effective.

I’ve decided to give mini-skeins a go. I’ve found a slightly easier way to make them, so it’s worth a try! The trouble is that most of the yarn bases I use aren’t available already made into mini-skeins so I have to make them myself. It makes it a lot easier when I can purchase yarn on cones to wind myself. While it’s still time consuming, it’s at least easier than winding from full sized skeins.

Do you prefer a full size skein or mini-skein? And when you look for minis, do you prefer them to be alone or in a set?

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