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Yarn Update – BFL/Masham Aran

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I’m happy to announce that for the latest yarn update, I’ve dyed some BFL/Masham Aran weight. The 4ply version of this 75% Bluefaced Leicester 25% Masham blend has always been fairly popular. The natural grey of the Masham combined with the softness of the BFL makes for a lovely soft yarn with a gorgeous depth of colour. Of course like all my yarn it hasn’t been superwash treated and contains no synthetic fibres. I decided to use semi-solid colours for… Read More »Yarn Update – BFL/Masham Aran

Heart stitch markers

New Heart Stitch Markers

I saw these super cute heart beads when I was stocking up on flower beads for the bluebell markers and thought they would make wonderful stitch markers. They’re acrylic beads so they’re nice and light and won’t weigh down your knitting. They have a rainbow lustre coating so their colour changes depending on how the light is shining on them. If you think they’re as nice as I do, they’re available in the shop now!

5 Bluefaced Leicester sheep looking at the camera. They have curly cream coloured wool, white faces with black noses.

A look at Bluefaced Leicester (BFL)

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Bluefaced Leicester (BFL) Sheep Bluefaced Leicester (often abbreviated to BFL) sheep are part of the English Longwool family. They were developed in the early twentieth century and have roots to the Dishley Leicester*. Their wool is often creamy white although can be found in black or grey. These traits tend to be bred out due to cream and white wool being more valuable due to how well it can be dyed. BFL Fibre Wool from Bluefaced Leicester sheep is one… Read More »A look at Bluefaced Leicester (BFL)

It’s Sale Time!

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I’m holding a 15% off all yarn* sale! Due to something very exciting happening that I can’t quite announce yet, it would be useful to temporarily reduce the quantity of yarn I have. I thought having a sale would help out! The sale is only on for a week, and ends on until Sunday 7th February at 23:59 GMT so get in quickly if there’s something you’ve been looking at! *Doesn’t include new 100% Corriedale or any yarn already in… Read More »It’s Sale Time!

A Look at Corriedale

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Corriedale Sheep Corriedale sheep were originally developed by crossing the Merino and Lincoln sheep breeds. They were developed between 1868 and 1910 in Australia and New Zealand to create a sheep that would thrive in low rainfall areas and supply good quality wool. Beginning in 1914, they were exported worldwide and comprise a significant proportion of the sheep found on the Falkland Islands as well as in South America. They are a dual use sheep and are kept for both… Read More »A Look at Corriedale

10% off Corriedale/Mohair Sock Yarn!

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Later this month I’m going to be releasing my new no-nylon 100% Falkland Corriedale High Twist sock yarn. There are a few odd skeins available in the shop at the moment and I’ve used it in the Advent Calendars and Yarn Clubs but I’m yet to release for purchasing as individual skeins. I’ll be doing a full update with lots of fun new colourways. The new yarn takes dyes really wonderfully and I have some fantastic bright new colours which… Read More »10% off Corriedale/Mohair Sock Yarn!

Carrot Cake Day

Carrot Cake Day – The Theme for February’s Yarn Club

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I’d grown pretty lax about adding posts to the blog by the end of 2020, but I’m back to try again this year. I’m going to start with talking about the February Yarn Club theme, Carrot Cake Day. When I was searching for themes for my Celebration Day yarn club I was trying to stick to international and UK based days. However I couldn’t resist some of the US based ones, and Carrot Cake Day is one of these. I… Read More »Carrot Cake Day – The Theme for February’s Yarn Club

Happy New Year!

A recap, and looking forward

Looking Back at 2020 2020 is finally over! It was a difficult year for so many, but I’m not going to dwell on that. For Bluebell Yarns it was my busiest year yet. I had planned to attend at least four shows during 2020 but obviously they were all cancelled. In the end I ended up doing lots of virtual shows instead, beginning with Virtual Wonderwool in April. I’m amazed at how well that went, and it paved the way… Read More »A recap, and looking forward

Hello! Getting To Know Bluebell Yarns

Getting To Know Bluebell Yarns

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If you’re visiting Bluebell Yarns for the first time, welcome! I have recently gained quite a few new visitors to the site and followers across social media. I thought that made this week a good time to re-introduce myself and Bluebell Yarns so we can all get to know each other. I’m posting across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook so please do pay me a visit if you use any of these. I’ll be talking about myself and Bluebell Yarns, as… Read More »Getting To Know Bluebell Yarns

A Small Website Update

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You may have noticed that I’ve made some small changes to the website. You should be able to find everything in the same place, but it should be easier to read and navigate and be more accessible for everyone. I’m also gradually working through all the content to make sure it’s up to date and easy to read. If you have any comments or questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.