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British Yarn Selection Box DK No. 2

Page Title: British Yarn Selection Box DK No. 2

After the success of the first British Yarn Selection Box, I’m excited to announce the British Yarn Selection Box DK No. 2. It will be available to order at 7pm BST on Friday 10th July. I put the type of box to a vote on social media and while it was very close, a second DK box won. A box including blends of different wools was the second most popular choice so is the box I will be working on next – I already have a couple of yarns lined up for that too!

I’m very happy to say that British Yarn Selection Box DK No. 2, will contain eight yarns from small producers and mostly single farms! I am also improving the information leaflet to not only include facts about each sheep breed, but also details about the farm or producer who created the yarn. I have some fantastic breeds lined up from some wonderful producers and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Like the first box, you will have the choice of 10g or 20g mini-skeins. I am having to charge a little more for each box due to the nature of ordering from small producers, but I think you’ll agree that the extra price is worth it to support British farmers and the continuation of rare breeds.

Orders for the box will open at 7pm BST on Friday 10th July. Boxes will be shipped a few weeks later. The exact date of shipping will be included on the order page on Friday. Like last time initial numbers will be limited although I can likely source more of most, if not all of the yarns. You can also still order the first box which is available here.

If you have any questions about the British Yarn Selection Box, or perhaps have yarn you’d like to be included in the future, please feel free to contact me.

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