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British Yarn Selection Box No.3: DK Blends Now Available!

I am happy to announce that the third instalment of the British Yarn Selection Box is now available for pre-order!

British Yarn Selection box 3 is a little different from the first two boxes. This box is all about blends of yarn and how blending two or more fibres together can create interesting yarns. This has been an interesting project for me. In the previous boxes I wrote about each breed of w00l and its characteristics. For this box I’ve not only written about each breed, but have also looked at each blended yarn and written about that too. As you can imagine its a lot more work than previous boxes, hence why it’s taken so long to produce this box. I have no problem with this as it’s interesting work that I enjoy doing.

I am incredibly happy with the yarns I’ve sourced for this box. They’re all fantastic in their own way and I can’t wait for you to experience them. The small producers involved have all been supportive for this project. One of the yarns is from a medium sized producer, sourcing yarn from various local producers. One of the yarns is from a larger producer but still using British wool. I’ve deliberately done this to show that British breed yarns can be used at all levels and can be used to create a standardised yarn that can be produced in high volume.

I hope you enjoy this latest box. I enjoy creating these as not only do I get to help people experience and learn about lots of wonderful British yarns, but I also get to learn a lot about wool myself!

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