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Putting Plans Into Action

You may remember that last year I was looking at changing the way I run Bluebell Yarns a little. I did a bit of a trial run with my Autumn Leaves collection, and now I’m ready to put the plan into action. What’s Changing? I will have a core range of colourways available on all my yarn bases. These will sometimes be dyed to order, although I aim to keep the most popular colours in stock as much as possible.… Read More »Putting Plans Into Action

Looking back and looking forward

Happy New Year! Looking back at 2023 I can’t believe how quickly 2023 sped by. I filled it with all sorts of yarn and non-yarn related things. I exhibited at multiple yarn shows, ran yarn clubs, released some fun new yarn and began to change how Bluebell Yarns works to make it work better for me. I also joined a local concert band and did lots of events with them, continued conducting a small community orchestra, and even did some… Read More »Looking back and looking forward

Bluebell Yarns’ 9th Birthday Sale!

I can’t quite believe that I’ve been dyeing and selling yarn for nine years. I’m not sure where the time has gone! In celebration of Bluebell Yarns’ ninth birthday I’m gifting you 10% off all yarn and stitch markers (not including Advent Calendars and British Yarn Selection Boxes). I’m also including a free gift in every order, either a mini-skein or a set of removable stitch markers. And of course I’m continuing my free tracked 48 UK shipping offer for… Read More »Bluebell Yarns’ 9th Birthday Sale!

Autumn Yarn Release

The sudden change in the weather to feel much more autumnal is the perfect time to release my new autumn collection of yarn. You may have seen my comments or newsletters about a slight change to how Bluebell Yarns works, and this is the beginning of that change. My autumn range is available on nearly every one of my regular bases in both full 100g skein size as well as 20g mini-skeins (mini-skeins coming on Monday 22nd). To be able… Read More »Autumn Yarn Release

Taking a Break

I’m taking a short break! It’s been a busy summer so far with yarn shows, yarn calendar preparation and lots of events outside the world of yarn. Orders are always slow at this time of year anyway, so I’ve decided to take a true break. You can still place orders through the website but they won’t be posted until Tuesday 22nd. Any dyed to order skeins will be dyed & posted asap when I’m back at work. I have places… Read More »Taking a Break

Searching for Laceweight

You may have noticed for a while now that I haven’t had much laceweight yarn available. As I’ve had a few requests for it lately I thought I would explain what’s going on. The laceweight yarn I currently stock is lovely, but it’s a bit woolly and on the heavier end of laceweight. I’m searching for something in the range of 800m per 100g which is fairly smooth and soft with some drape. I used to stock a gorgeous 100%… Read More »Searching for Laceweight

Bluebell Walk

For the past couple of years I’ve not been able to get out for a walk in our local Bluebell woods. Timings just didn’t work and before I knew it, the flowers were past their best and I was too late. This year I prioritised, and me and my husband took a short trip to see what we could find. We were not disappointed!

Favourite Process: March Meet The Maker Day 21

March Meet The Maker Day 21: Favourite Process I skipped a few days thanks to Fibre Quest, but you can see all of them apart from Friday’s on Instagram. My favourite part of dyeing yarn is when you take a yarn that is seemingly one colour (in this case yellow and blue) and coat it in a different one (in this case pink). It changes it entirely and you can never be 100% sure what you’re going to end up… Read More »Favourite Process: March Meet The Maker Day 21

Highs and Lows: March Meet The Maker Day 16

March Meet The Maker Day 16: Highs and Lows The highs and lows of running a business can be pretty extreme. Here’s a list of some of them. The Highs The Lows I can be flexible with my working hours at short notice. I can go to lunch with my husband, or meet my friends for coffee. It’s difficult to take real extended time off. The longer the break, the more sales I could lose. Working from home means no… Read More »Highs and Lows: March Meet The Maker Day 16

Big or Small: March Meet The Maker Day 14

March Meet The Maker Day 14: Big or Small I don’t often make mini-skeins unless they’re for something in particular. They’re small, fiddly and time consuming and it only makes sense to dye fairly large batches at once else they’re not at all cost effective. I’ve decided to give mini-skeins a go. I’ve found a slightly easier way to make them, so it’s worth a try! The trouble is that most of the yarn bases I use aren’t available already… Read More »Big or Small: March Meet The Maker Day 14