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Learn: March Meet The Maker Day 7

March Meet The Maker Day 7: Learn Running a small business requires constant learning. It also means fitting that learning into an already busy schedule! My current challenge is to learn how to use Pinterest more effectively. I’ve had an account for a little while and get steady traffic, but I know I could do much better. I think I know what I need to do now, it’s just finding the time to sit down and do it! Content creation… Read More »Learn: March Meet The Maker Day 7

Start The Day: March Meet The Maker Day 6

March Meet The Maker Day 6: Start The Day I usually start the day in one of two ways. The first, and preferred way, is to go for a walk along the river, where I see wonderful things like this sunrise, many different birds and occasionally even otters. I haven’t got into the habit yet this year. The river was high and covering up the paths in January, plus the sunrise is too late in the winter months for me… Read More »Start The Day: March Meet The Maker Day 6

Snippet: March Meet The Maker Day 3

Day 3’s Prompt is “Snippet” March Meet The Maker Day 3: Snippet As I work with so much yarn, I can take the prompt “snippet” very literally! I end up with a fairly large quantity of snippets for various reasons: Very few of these snippets end up in the bin. If they’re undyed they go in my compost. If they’re dyed I save them up and use them as stuffing. What do you do with your yarn snippets?

All About You: March Meet The Maker Day 2

Day 2’s Prompt is “All About You” I don’t have any good photos of myself taken since last summer, so this one will have to do! I’m Becca, I run Bluebell Yarns singlehandedly. I live with my husband near Wimborne Minster in Dorset in a house that’s far too small to run a business from! We don’t have any children or pets, although we’d love to get a dog when we find somewhere larger. I’m originally from Bristol, then lived… Read More »All About You: March Meet The Maker Day 2

Brand Origin: March Meet the Maker Day 1

As it’s March, it’s time for March Meet The Maker! On Instagram, Joanna Hawker runs a challenge using #MarchMeetTheMaker to post every day in March. I’ve decided to not only post across social media using these prompts, I thought I’d expand on the ideas for the blog! Day 1’s prompt is “Brand Origin”. I thought for this prompt that it’d be fun to do a little collage of some of Bluebell Yarns’ early work. First we have the wonderful picture… Read More »Brand Origin: March Meet the Maker Day 1

Purple background with a mint green square. The following text written in purple. 2023 Intentions: Consistency, Organisation, Creativity, Health, Time Use.

2023 Intentions

I can’t quite believe that it’s 2023 already. I think it doesn’t help that I spent Christmas/my birthday (they’re the same day) ill and haven’t really managed to do any of the usual holiday season things. I had so many plans for that week before Christmas, mainly things to make Bluebell Yarns even better at the beginning of 2023. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be, so there’s no point in lamenting the lost time. Rather than resolutions, I’ve set five… Read More »2023 Intentions

2022 Yarn Roundup

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I thought it would be quite fun to do a roundup of some of the favourites of 2022. I wanted to do categories such as “most popular colourway” but due to the way statistics are recorded, and the fact I don’t record colourway names for yarn sold in person, that’s somewhat impossible! Yarn Weight Unsurprisingly, the favourite yarn weight was 4ply/fingering. The least favourite was Chunky, in fact I barely sold any so I won’t be restocking any chunky weight… Read More »2022 Yarn Roundup

An Autumn Holiday

I realised it’s been a month since I last posted on here. Everything got a little too busy with yarn shows, yarn updates, winding & dyeing the Advent/December boxes, and various other things I won’t bore you with. This post is a long one, so settle down and grab a cup of something warm while you read. I’ve made the photos small as there’s a fair few of them, but if you want to see them bigger you can click… Read More »An Autumn Holiday

Adventures in Bristol

You may have noticed I’ve not been around online much during the last couple of weeks. I was house & pet sitting for my parents in Bristol and turned it into a bit of a holiday. The first week was so hot I didn’t do a great deal apart from keep the pets alive! I did manage a few early morning walks to a place with what I think are the best views over the city, and the landscape to… Read More »Adventures in Bristol

Summer Wool Festival – Roundup

While I had planned to report back on Saturday and Sunday after the show, I was far too tired and typing a full blog on my phone screen was no fun. So here’s a roundup of my weekend! Friday – Setup Day I arrived at Redborne School around 5pm, much later than intended thanks to the awful traffic on the M25 & M1. I was tired, somewhat stressed, and had no idea where I was going. I am so thankful… Read More »Summer Wool Festival – Roundup