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Summer Wool Festival – Roundup

While I had planned to report back on Saturday and Sunday after the show, I was far too tired and typing a full blog on my phone screen was no fun. So here’s a roundup of my weekend! Friday – Setup Day I arrived at Redborne School around 5pm, much later than intended thanks to the awful traffic on the M25 & M1. I was tired, somewhat stressed, and had no idea where I was going. I am so thankful… Read More »Summer Wool Festival – Roundup

Summer Wool Festival Preparations – Day 3 (Wednesday)

I’ve had a wonderfully productive day today! This is only a short post though as I’ve got a busy evening ahead. I finished making and price labelling all my stitch markers. I’ve cut out a load of yarn labels that I decided need to be refreshed and also cut out the leaflets and signs. I started packing my “show stuff” box, which gets filled with all the little things I may need like hooks, clips, tape, business cards etc. I… Read More »Summer Wool Festival Preparations – Day 3 (Wednesday)

A river surrounded by trees and covered in duckweed

Summer Wool Festival Preparations – Day 2 (Tuesday)

I’ll be honest, today wasn’t the most thrilling in terms of things to tell you about. I spent the morning printing out all the graphics I created yesterday along with a big pile of Advent order forms and leaflets. I had to redesign a few of the graphics as they weren’t printing very clearly but I got there in the end. After lunch I I went for a walk along the river. The water was low and has been flowing… Read More »Summer Wool Festival Preparations – Day 2 (Tuesday)

I'm exhibiting at Summer Wool Festival

Summer Wool Festival Preparations – Day 1 (Monday)

Background I thought it might be interesting to take a peek behind the scenes of what happens during the week of a yarn show. You can expect a blog every evening this week at around 9pm, although the posts during the show weekend may be shorter as I’ll be updating from my phone. Every dyer will have their own methods of preparation and how they deal with the show, but here’s mine! Summer Wool Festival takes place on Saturday 30th… Read More »Summer Wool Festival Preparations – Day 1 (Monday)

Turning a dress into a skirt

This post is a little later than usual as I didn’t want to come in the office (hottest room in the house) during the heat! I kept myself occupied with making stitch markers and twisting all the yarn I dyed last week. I have lots of crafty hobbies that don’t involve yarn. One of those is dressmaking. I’m no expert, but I’m slowly learning when I can. I’ve had a dress which, according to my notes, I made back in… Read More »Turning a dress into a skirt

A Walk on Melbury Downs

I’ve had a busy few days since my last post, but I’ll try not to let this get too long! I’ve been working on a couple of craft projects but I think I’ll leave them for posts of their own. Running I try to go running three times a week, pretty early in the morning (7am-ish). I’m not fast, and I don’t go for miles, but I enjoy it and it’s made me fitter. I only started running at the… Read More »A Walk on Melbury Downs

Dyeing and Gardening

Thank you for all your lovely comments and messages on my last blog post. I’m so glad that you like the idea of a blog and are interested in what I’m getting up to. As a few of you mentioned, keeping up with a post a day is probably a bit too much, so I’ve decided to commit two at least two posts a week, and sometimes there may be more if I have a lot going on. So far… Read More »Dyeing and Gardening

Back to Blogging?

I’ve noticed a few people across various social media platforms lately say they wish we could get back to blogging. They’re sick of everything being videos and suggested posts, while not being able to find the content they actually want to see and read. I’ve been pondering the idea of a vlog for a while now, but it’s difficult to do for me for various reasons. So I thought, why not try a blog? With just under four weeks to… Read More »Back to Blogging?