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Change is coming

This is only a quick post today to tell you about something. Next week, on Monday 23rd July at 9am (BST), change is coming. I’ve been thinking of it a bit as a relaunch, so you’ll notice quite a few changes. I’m overhauling my website and my social media. I’m also doing some price restructuring. This means if you want to buy any of my yarn at its current prices, do it before 9am (BST) on Monday 23rd!

I am however keeping my #titsoutcollective yarn at its current price because I don’t want anybody who was waiting until later in the month to be disadvantaged. I’m also going to up the amount I give to charity from any other skein (not minis) sold from £1 to £1.50 from the 23rd until the end of the month.

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