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Charity Yarn Release (#titsoutcollective)

#titsoutcollective yarn

On 1st July at 12pm (BST), something special is going to happen. I, along with over 200 others (the #titsoutcollective), will be releasing special yarns, patterns, bags and notions, with the aim of raising money for various charities.

You can read more details at Countess Ablaze but here is a brief explanation. Back in March, Countess Ablaze was asked to provide yarn for a ‘charity’ event for nothing but exposure. In response, she dyed two special limited colourways, one of which was ‘If I Want Exposure, I’ll Get My Tits Out’. This raised over £3000 for Women’s Aid. Two weeks ago the Countess noticed somebody copying this special yarn. To deal with the situation she launched another charity drive, and #titsoutcollective was born. All of us participants are creating our wares around her original colourway.

I have initially created a small batch of my version ‘If I want exposure, I’ll get my tits out (but I’ll need assistance)’, but will be taking pre-orders throughout July. For each skein sold I will be donating £3 to the fantastic charity Dogs for good. You can read more about why on this blog on Monday at 7pm. As well as this, I will be donating £1 for every skein (not minis) of yarn I sell in my etsy shop during July. On Sunday at 12pm there will also be a gallery posted by Countess Ablaze showing all the other fantastic creations.

If you can’t wait until Sunday to see everyone’s artistry, take a look at #titsoutcollective on Instagram,Twitter and Facebook.


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