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Getting To Know Bluebell Yarns

If you’re visiting Bluebell Yarns for the first time, welcome!

I have recently gained quite a few new visitors to the site and followers across social media. I thought that made this week a good time to re-introduce myself and Bluebell Yarns so we can all get to know each other.

I’m posting across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook so please do pay me a visit if you use any of these. I’ll be talking about myself and Bluebell Yarns, as well as asking some questions to get to know you all better too! If you don’t use social media, feel free to use the contact form to ask me anything or tell me about yourself.

To stay up to date with Bluebell Yarns and be the first to hear about new products and offers, please consider signing up to my newsletter. I promise I won’t spam you, I send a maximum of one email a week.

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