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Introducing Bluebell Basics

I’ve been working on the idea of Bluebell Basics for some time now, especially after the survey I asked everyone to fill in last month. Now, I’m finally ready to release it!

What is Bluebell Basics?

Bluebell Basics is a range of affordable hand-dyed yarns. To begin with there are four yarn weights and ten colourways although I hope to expand this over time. I will also be adding mini-skeins to the range soon.

I am working on having shade cards for each base available, and when I add new colourways or bases I’ll create add-ons so you don’t have to purchase the whole card again.

How are the yarns more affordable?

I have been careful in the creation of the Bluebell Basics range to keep my costs to a minimum, allowing me to pass the savings on to you. I have done this by:

  • Using yarn bases that tend to be cheaper, especially at wholesale prices;
  • Using a quicker dye method which creates a semi-solid yarn meaning I can dye more yarn in less time;
  • Making the range dyed to order. This means no dyed yarn sitting around waiting to be bought so fewer up-front costs for me;
  • Saving time by not having to think up names for each colourway (they are simply labelled “Red 1” for example);
  • Leaving no leeway for putting this yarn on sale-the listed prices are the final prices;
  • Offering bulk discounts. 5% off for 2-3 skeins, 10% off for 4+ skeins of the same colour. Dyeing a single skein will take me the same amount of time as dyeing four skeins, meaning the more you buy, the cheaper it is.

The Yarns

Light DK: British Whitefaced Woodland – £9 per 100g, £2.50 per 20g

This yarn has approximately 300m per 100g. It’s a robust, plump and lofty yarn that’s great for anything from socks to sweaters. While it’s not buttery soft it’s also not itchy and rough. I probably wouldn’t recommend it for neck wear unless you are used to this kind of yarn.

DK: British Bluefaced Leicester – £12 per 100g, £3.20 per 20g

This yarn has approximately 225m per 100g. It’s a buttery yarn that’s great for anything apart from socks. It is a strong, shiny yarn with some drape to it. It is the finest British Breed available and is in high demand hence the higher price. This is a good place to begin if you’ve only ever used merino.

Aran: British Jacob – £9 per 100g, £2.50 per 20g

This yarn has approximately 165m per 100g. It is a “sheepy” yarn and is one of my favourites. It is warm and plump and great for winter jumpers. It has a bit of a crunch to it so I wouldn’t recommend it for sensitive skin but if you want something sturdy to keep you warm this is the yarn for you. It would also be great as slippers or house socks, or in homeware such as cushions, blankets & toys.

Chunky: British Cheviot – £9 per 100g, £2.50 per 20g

This yarn has approximately 100m per 100g. It is a gorgeously plump and deceptively soft yarn. It’s not the same type of soft as Bluefaced Leicester but I don’t find this yarn itchy at all. It’s springy and luxurious and would be great for all manner of items. A single skein is enough to make a hat, but it would be equally suited to a warm, thick winter jumper.


As with all my yarns, none of the Bluebell Basics range have been superwash treated so require gentle handwashing. You can read more about caring for your wool on the yarn care page.

Take a look at the Bluebell Basics range here.

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