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Looking back and looking forward

Happy New Year!

Looking back at 2023

I can’t believe how quickly 2023 sped by. I filled it with all sorts of yarn and non-yarn related things. I exhibited at multiple yarn shows, ran yarn clubs, released some fun new yarn and began to change how Bluebell Yarns works to make it work better for me.

I also joined a local concert band and did lots of events with them, continued conducting a small community orchestra, and even did some early music playing for the first time in years.

There were certainly some negatives among all the positives, but overall I think 2023 was the best year I’ve had for a while.

Looking forward to 2024

I’m continuing to change Bluebell Yarns in a way that should hopefully make it better for both myself and for you. I hope to finally get the business into a dedicated space (although I say this every year!), have some fun yarn ranges planned and have exciting ideas for the yarn clubs.

The first yarn update of the year will be at the end of January, so make sure to keep an eye out for that! For various reasons I’ll be doing fewer yarn shows this year, however the ones I am doing are looking fantastic!

In non-yarn related things, I’m continuing with the music, and hope to get back to doing regular long walks as well as return to running.

I have a few goals, but I haven’t really set resolutions. I just hope to continue the progress and momentum I built last year.

I hope 2024 is kind to you.

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