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British Yarn Selection Box DK No. 1


Have you ever wanted to try a selection of British breed wool without having to source it from multiple places and commit to full skeins? Or perhaps you want to know more about British wool but don’t know where to start. The British Yarn Selection Box may be for you!

The British Yarn Selection Box DK No.1 is a package of yarn perfect for anyone who wants to try British wool. Each box contains:

  • Nine skeins of DK, undyed, single-breed British wool in a choice of 10g or 20g mini-skeins
  • An information leaflet with facts about each breed
  • Labels on each yarn detailing the breed, where it was sourced, and if the information is available, where it was spun.

The yarn, while all DK, ranges from 220m to 300m per 100g. The length of some yarns are unknown but all fit within this range.

If you wish to know exactly which breeds your box will contain click here. Do not look at this page if you want it to remain a surprise!

Please note: Due to shipping costs I am sending international orders in paper mailers rather than boxes.

Weight 210 g
Box Size

10g, 20g