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Putting Plans Into Action

You may remember that last year I was looking at changing the way I run Bluebell Yarns a little. I did a bit of a trial run with my Autumn Leaves collection, and now I’m ready to put the plan into action.

What’s Changing?

I will have a core range of colourways available on all my yarn bases. These will sometimes be dyed to order, although I aim to keep the most popular colours in stock as much as possible. This is likely to be eight-ten colourways to begin with, although I hope to add to the collection over time.

Roughly monthly I’ll release a selection of five new themed colourways which will be available for about three months. If they’re popular they may return in the future. These will also be available on all my bases, and will sometimes be dyed to order.

Occasionally I may release a limited edition yarn base as well as colourways.

For anybody concerned about the dyed to order aspect of this plan, my turnaround time is usually only 2-3 weeks. I keep a page with this time estimate regularly updated. If I believe I cannot get yarn dyed and posted within a month, I will close orders for everything apart from yarn I have in stock so I can catch up.

Why Am I Making Changes?

I’m making these changes for a few reasons:

  1. Room. I run the business from a small two bedroom house, and I only have so much room. I want to grow Bluebell Yarns and do more regular yarn updates, but can’t do it if the shelves are already full.
  2. Money. Quite simply, I can’t release new yarn if all my funds are tied up in stock that’s waiting to be bought.
  3. Choice. Working this way will mean there will be more choice available for you. Rather than me trying to guess which colourway will be popular on which base, you get to choose! This will also hopefully enable me to keep more bases in stock.

Final Thoughts

I hope you understand these changes. I’ll be altering the website throughout January, and will have my first yarn update of 2024 released by the end of the month.

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to leave a comment on this post or contact me.

3 thoughts on “Putting Plans Into Action”

  1. This is excellent. Can I just reassure anyone who might be worried about turnaround time, that when I ordered the autumn leaves yarn it arrived within a week. I was extremely impressed.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I was hesitant about going down this route as dyed to order has a bit of a bad reputation at the moment, but it really is the only way I can have more choice available in my current living/working environment.

  2. I do most of my shines to order, turning around within a week-10days. Doesn’t seem to be an issue, and it isn’t for me if I’m shopping for yarn.
    Ps. Emailed you (finally!!)

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