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Sock Yarn Experiment

While there are a lot websites and articles about what makes a good sock yarn and what doesn’t, I couldn’t find any consistent experiments. That’s where my sock yarn experiment comes in!

This is an ongoing experiment testing as many yarns as I can find to see how they work for socks. I began with 75% Wool 25% Nylon as it seems to be the most popular yarn for socks, and have expanded from there.

Test conditions

I tend to rotate through all of my hand knitted socks, although I do find myself reaching for some more than others. I mainly wear them in my carpeted house, sometimes inside slippers, and occasionally inside shoes (though not if they’re thicker than heavy 4ply).

All my socks are hand-washed in the same way. They get put in a bucket with wool safe detergent and hand-hot water. Then I swish, squish & rub them, soak them, rinse them, put them through the spin dryer then hang them to dry.

Click on a project card to see more information about each pair of socks in the sock yarn experiment. I will be updating this page regularly to add new projects and findings.