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Unfortunately this pair of socks’ involvement in the experiment has come to an abrupt end. One of them manged to get caught up in a normal wash and felted to half its size. It’s created a lovely soft, fuzzy fabric but not much use as a sock any more!


The yarn is slightly fluffy and feels soft, it’s also quite shiny. It’s fairly thin for a 4ply. It feels nice to knit with although I would like it to feel a little more substantial.



These socks are very comfortable. They fit well, are soft, and I can’t feel any stitch bumps on the sole, possibly also to do with knitting them at a tighter than usual gauge. My feet feel warm but not hot and these are one of the few pairs of socks I enjoy wearing inside shoes.



After a couple of wears and washes the yarn has felted slightly inside the sock on the sole. This helps to make it stronger although sometimes the fluff creates lumps which you have to remove else they become uncomfortable. There are a couple of thinner patches on the heel and sole.

My mum also knitted a pair of socks in this yarn. She wears them regularly inside shoes and they go through the washing machine on the wool setting. She hasn’t found any thinning patches.

I believe my thinning patches are due to the fact I wear my socks on carpet, which is very harsh on them. For now I give them a fairly high score but I will amend in the future if necessary.

Update: I have lowered the rating a little. I’m not so happy with how these lasted as the heel was going thin fairly quickly. As previously stated though, I am harsh on socks, wearing them mostly on carpet. Unfortunately I will not be able to continue experimenting with these socks.



As these socks are only natural fibres and have not been superwash treated they will biodegrade fully once worn out. The 50% British Mohair component is good as it hasn’t had to travel by ship, but the 50% Corriedale lets it down a small amount as it has to be transported from the Falklands. This is however often done in bulk on ships that are returning to the UK from the islands anyway.


Final Score: 4/5

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