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The yarn is plump and smooth. The high twist construction makes it feel sturdy and it is a pleasure to knit with.



These socks are very comfortable. They fit well and I can’t feel any stitch bumps on the sole even with the higher twist yarn. My feet feel warm but not hot and these are one of the few pairs of socks I enjoy wearing inside shoes.



After a several wears and washes the yarn has felted slightly inside the sock on the sole. This helps to make it stronger.

There are no signs of thin patches. There is a tiny bit of pilling.

I finally wore through the heel on these socks. I wear them frequently, choosing them over other socks quite often due to their comfort. I have darned them and will continue wearing them.



As these socks are only natural fibres and have not been superwash treated they will biodegrade fully once worn out. The fact that the Corriedale has to be shipped from the Falkland Islands is the only thing that lets the sustainability of this yarn down. This is however often done in bulk on ships that are returning to the UK from the islands anyway.


Final Score: 4.69/5

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