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Sock Experiment: Bluebell Yarns Whitefaced Woodland Light DK

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The yarn feels woolly and strong. It is plump and dense. It is hard to break by hand and doesn’t have much elasticity in the strand.



These socks are super comfortable. They’re a little thicker than I like for every day wear but they make good boot socks and are great to wear around the house in chilly weather.



I haven’t worn these socks enough yet to comment properly on durability.



Whitefaced Woodland is a rare breed British sheep. They are kept mainly for meat but using their wool helps support the farmers who breed these wonderful animals. The fact that this yarn hasn’t been superwash treated and contains no synthetics makes it sustainable. The socks will fully biodegrade leaving no lasting impact on the environment. The wool is British and is processed and spun in Britain meaning there are limited transport implications.


Final Score: N/A/5 (I will return with a verdict once I have worn and washed these socks more)

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