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I chose this yarn as it fits with the most popular type of sock yarn, 75% Wool 25% Nylon, yet is still British.


The yarn is fairly smooth and tightly spun, with a small amount of halo. You can feel the synthetic quality of the yarn and to me it is obvious that it has been superwash treated. I don’t actually like the feel of the yarn that much, but then I’ve always tended to prefer woollier yarns.



I find these socks fairly comfortable. They don’t cause any irritation or discomfort. I do find my feet feel a little sweaty in these socks, probably because the superwash yarn combined with the synthetic content don’t make for a particularly absorbent yarn.



So far after a couple of wears and washes these socks are holding up well. There are no thin patches or holes. The yarn has pilled a little but this isn’t unexpected.



The British wool used in these socks make them more sustainable than some sock yarn options, although it has been superwash treated which is an energy- and chemical-intensive process. They have a fairly high nylon content. They will not biodegrade safely.


Final Score: 3.25/5

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