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Summer Wool Festival Preparations – Day 3 (Wednesday)

I’ve had a wonderfully productive day today! This is only a short post though as I’ve got a busy evening ahead.

I finished making and price labelling all my stitch markers. I’ve cut out a load of yarn labels that I decided need to be refreshed and also cut out the leaflets and signs. I started packing my “show stuff” box, which gets filled with all the little things I may need like hooks, clips, tape, business cards etc. I planned the last few bits I need to buy when I go into town tomorrow, which is mainly food for camping.

I even managed a walk so went to look at the weir that I mentioned yesterday. I’ve seen it flowing slowly before, but never mostly dried up like this. It looks like it’s about half flowing in this picture, but it’s actually only about a quarter. There were loads of dragonflies and butterflies around which was lovely. The second photograph is taken a little further on at a popular swimming spot. If it gets hot again I may have to go and give it a go, though it looks like it might be a bit too shallow at the moment! The deepest part of the river is where the swan is, so it might be better out there.

Tomorrow I start packing everything up and then we have to spend the evening climbing over big bags full of yarn to get anywhere in the house! I may start packing the car with the bigger things like the gridwall to save me some time on Friday.

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