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Summer Wool Festival Preparations – Day 5 (Friday)

I’m writing this on my phone so please excuse any weird typos!

It has been quite the day. First thing, I removed all the yarn I brought with me from the website. Then I packed everything up which hadn’t been packed yesterday and finished loading the car.

I left at around 12.30-1pm and didn’t arrive until nearly 5pm! Traffic was awful, and I only stopped for 5 mins in the middle. That left me only 3 hours to set up the stand, so I had to rush rather than take my time like I planned. I’m mostly finished but I need to do a few bits and pieces in the morning.

I just finished eating some noodles (SO glad I bothered to get a camp stove!) and am sat relaxing outside my tent.

It’s been a stressful day, so hopefully I should at least sleep well. It’s put me off coming to shows north of London if I’m honest, but I’ll see how the weekend goes to see if it’s worth the stress.

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