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A Short Break

Please place any orders by 3pm on Wednesday 4th August otherwise they may not be posted until Tuesday 17th August. It’s time for my annual trip to Bristol to pet sit for my parents. I will still be available to answer any queries, although my response may be slower than usual. I won’t be near my yarn though so won’t be able to post orders for anything apart from stitch markers. My lovely husband has offered to post orders a… Read More »A Short Break

Yarn mop uses and one of a kind skeins

Yarn mop use 1 At the end of my dye session yesterday I used my customary yarn mop. While I was swishing it around, I realised that I’ve never explained where most of my one of a kind skeins come from. During a dye session I tend to use a few colours. I mix them up in bottles, jars and jugs, depending on how I’m using each dye. I also use spoons, and sometimes syringes if I require precise measurements.… Read More »Yarn mop uses and one of a kind skeins