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Dyeing and Gardening

Thank you for all your lovely comments and messages on my last blog post. I’m so glad that you like the idea of a blog and are interested in what I’m getting up to. As a few of you mentioned, keeping up with a post a day is probably a bit too much, so I’ve decided to commit two at least two posts a week, and sometimes there may be more if I have a lot going on. So far… Read More »Dyeing and Gardening

Back to Blogging?

I’ve noticed a few people across various social media platforms lately say they wish we could get back to blogging. They’re sick of everything being videos and suggested posts, while not being able to find the content they actually want to see and read. I’ve been pondering the idea of a vlog for a while now, but it’s difficult to do for me for various reasons. So I thought, why not try a blog? With just under four weeks to… Read More »Back to Blogging?