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Thinking about Yarn Advent Calendars

Yarn Advent Calendar
One of last year’s Yarn Advent Calendars


The funny thing about being an indie dyer is that you have to think about things far ahead of when you want to. Currently, this means Christmas. Due to the success of my Yarn Advent Calendars last year, and the fact that there’s a rather major event happening for me in September, this year I’m starting early. I’ve spoken to the mill and they’ve agreed to wind the mini skeins for me which will save me so much time. This means I can consider offering even more calendars than last year.

I’m trying to decide which bases to use, so if you have any opinion on this I’d really appreciate it if you could let me know either in the comments or on social media. I’m sticking with British, non-superwash wool (apart from the sock yarn which you can read about here). I want to have a wide variety of price ranges available so that nobody feels like they miss out due to budget. For this reason the lowest cost will be around £28.

I’ve decided there will be less gifts this year, and more yarn. I’ll still include little treats but I think most people are in it for the yarn, so yarn is what you’ll get.

So far I’ve decided the following:

Corriedale Mohair Sock

Available in:

  • Small Advent Calendar (25 x 10g)
  • Large Advent Calendar (25 x 20g)
  • 12 Days of Sock Small (12 x 10g)
  • 12 Days of Sock Large (12 x 100g)

BFL Masham 4ply

Available in:

  • Small Advent Calendar (25 x 10g)
  • Large Advent Calendar (25 x 20g)

BFL Silk 4ply

Available in:

  • 12 Days of Christmas Medium (12 x 50g)
  • 12 Days of Christmas Large (12 x 100g)

Other Options

I’m also considering Falkland Merino Laceweight, BFL Masham DK and maybe Merino Sparkle DK.

So, please do let me know your opinion, by whichever method you find easiest. If you want to hear more about my Yarn Advent Calendars please follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or sign up to my newsletter to hear about all the news from Bluebell Yarns.

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