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Valentines box, and an Anti-Valentines box

A New Box

From the Monday 16th January you’ll be able to order both the Valentines and the Anti-Valentines boxes. I wanted to create the Anti-Valentines box because I know some people just hate all the pink and fluffy stuff so I want them to be able to have something for themselves too. They will be available to pre-order in my shop, and are limited in number. They will be available until Thursday 9th February unless I sell out first.

Valentines Box

The Valentines Box is for those people who love Valentines Day. The yarn will be appropriately coloured, on a nice squishy Falkland Merino 4ply base. There will of course also be some treats (some knitting/crochet related, some not).

Anti-Valentines Box

This is for all the people who hate Valentines Day, whether it’s because they hate the idea or just don’t like the colour pink. The yarn will most definitely not be anywhere near pink or red, and will be on the BFL/Masham 4ply base.  Also included will be some gifts and treats, all completely unrelated to valentines day.


Don’t forget my competition (which you can enter on my previous post here). You get the chance to design and win a skein of yarn.

Design your own colourway

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